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We make gift giving personal! How did we come up with such an awesome, unique name? Glad you asked. We have four beautiful children two of which are a little older and then two younger girls. The youngest Ella and Lily were adopted from China. Ella was adopted first as an infant then when Ella was almost four we adopted Lily who was six at the time. Are they sisters is another question we get all the time – well they are now! The ETC of our name is the rest of the family, which consists of Monica, Thomas, me (Nikki or Andrea) and my husband Bryan, our church family, and or extended family! The adoption process takes a village and with all the prayer and sacrifices the rest of the family made we have to include them! God is forever faithful!

I have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur after 3 college degrees and over 15 years in corporate accounted God had continued to give me that vision. After much prayer we decided to take a leap of faith and Here We Are! Bryan and I both grew up in Summerville and just love our beautiful town so what a better place to be. Thank you for your continue support on this journey!

Giving Back

At Ella Lily, ETC. we partnered with a few brands to give back to those in need! Check out some of the brands we associate with!

Our Favorite Brands

We carry a huge line of SCOUT, Bridgewater Candles, Charleston Candle Company, Charles River, TY, inc, Southernology, Ashton Brye, Farmhouse Fresh, Natural Life, Corkcicle, Viv&Lou, Bogg bags, Musee Bath bombs, Glory Haus.

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